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Moving Forward Through Challenge

Let bygones be bygones! That’s a phrase that we have all heard in our life growing up. We had people explain how moving forward is the only way up, and nothing should stop you from it—even the hurdles and challenges.  But you must make sure that you give it your all. You must pour your heart and your soul into getting done whatever you are hoping to get done. The most acceptable and efficient way of dealing with life is to move forward. If things don’t pan out a certain way as you planned, or that you expected them to, see what you can learn from it. We often tend to avoid the fear and enjoy the comfort of feeling safe in a routine life. On some level we often love staying stagnant and sessile in one state; anything that makes us move scares us.

There may be quite a few things we can do when we are moving forward and overcoming challenges. First and foremost, we must stay confident and optimistic, let things that are not in our control be, and just give our best effort without doubting our abilities. Stay steadfast, face each obstacle and do what you can do at the best of your abilities. One of the biggest mistakes that we may commit is whenever we stray away from fear. We should instead be going towards fear, it is to be conquered. We shall face our fear, fight it off and prove to ourselves that it can no longer control us. Once we get rid of our fears, we become unstoppable.

Remember that you are resilient, and you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. The fight and the perseverance that you show enriches your life and gives it a purpose—which is why you must always stay optimistic and that you can overcome whatever you set your mind to. The last thing is that you shall not make it all too personal—keep it strictly business. When you are facing a challenge, make sure you only see it as a challenge, do not make it all about proving yourself that way. You would be only causing harm to yourself and making things more challenging for you. See the challenge at its face value and take it for what it is—a challenge, a lesson, or a hurdle. Keep it strictly business. Don’t let it consume you, do not allow yourself to make it about yourself, prolong the hurt, and take failure as a lesson or a stepping stone to success.

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