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Scott K. Harris is a motivational keynote speaker who has just released a new book. Get your copy today!

“Challenges remind us that we are alive.”
– Scott Kyle Harris
Scott Harris follows one principle in life and that is, “Grab the bull by the horns and face your fears.” He believes that success lies at the end of our comfort zone. Scott is an iconic speaker, a brilliant personality, and can make your corporate events unforgettable. His keynote presentations and webinars focus on helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. He uses an interactive and entertaining approach to address the issues of his audience. He is recognized as an exceptional storyteller whose appeal transcends barriers of age.

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-Scott Kyle Harris
A Journey Full of Adventures
 “Life – is a never-ending journey of self-improvement.”

It wasn’t until Scott Harris decided to challenge his fears that he realized that facing adversity was his true calling. His book, Leap Forward, details his life at school, the army, working as an engineer, skydiving and how he fell in love with dedicating himself to be better than yesterday.  Purchase the book today.

Bring Out the Leader in You
Leadership, perseverance, an appetite for learning and growth is what you need to establish yourself and your situation to become successful. Scott’s experiences have taught him that there is more than one way to tackle challenges. He uses his life experiences and the challenges he faced in life, business and the corporate industry to deliver exceptional keynote presentations. Every presentation and webinar focuses on the interpersonal problems leaders and entrepreneurs face, and how to overcome them.

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who knows how to navigate challenges, influence positive changes, and increase productivity in the workplace, you’ve come to the right place. Hire Scott today!

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Overcome all of life’s roadblocks to conquer fear, embrace challenge, and perform at your highest level. Embrace life’s challenges with gusto at every turn.

Everyone faces challenge throughout life. Some are personal, some are professional. Some challenges we choose, many are imposed upon us. Often the path we all want or need to follow becomes difficult because of inner turmoil and we become locked up. Our own anxiety about finding the best path or method to overcome what’s before us, keeps us from moving forward and overcoming our challenges.

Scott provides insight and tools to overcome whatever challenges are faced, to find joy in life’s path and accomplish whatever challenge is to be faced. Scott will share some experiences and lessons to illustrate principles of facing any challenge. Some of it will be interesting, some humorous and some will probably be pretty unusual. Please understand, the intent is to help others apply some basic truths to their own life, their own challenges and their own journey of professional and personal improvement.

Leadership rolls are often given to accomplished, driven people. This often happens as a result of accomplishments in other areas and not directly sought after. Leadership and management is something that is often not taught or not taught well. It can be a daunting challenge in itself. Scott will break down the impediments to success in facing this most difficult and rewarding of challenges. He will give others insight into the difficulties of transitioning from a “worker bee” to a manager. This will offer perception in how to embrace the transition and sometimes overwhelming pressure of responsibility for the performance of others. Learn to find joy in the anticipation of overcoming the challenge of leadership.

The only consistency in life is that things change. Transitions from one thing to another are often inevitable and stressful. Sometimes we choose change and sometimes it is imposed upon us. Regardless of the source, dealing with transition requires facing many challenges. It requires forward focus on adaptability and learning. Drawing upon personal experience and unique insight, Scott can provide tools to help anyone learn to overcome the fear of change and embrace the challenges it presents. Scott’s upbeat and engrossing stories will lead others to the confidence to look forward, and embrace any of life’s myriad of changes.

Life presents many challenges. Personal challenges can affect everyone’s performance in insidious ways. Often, personal challenges can be overwhelming, feel uncontrollable and adversely affect all aspects of one’s life both personal and professional. Personal challenges are often imposed, not chosen or sought out. This makes them feel more out of control and more difficult to overcome. Scott will break down the fundamentals of personal challenges into basic elements that apply to any situation. Through presentation of personal experience and coping mechanisms, others  will find methods of dealing with personal challenges that they can apply to their own situations. The outcome of this is uplifting, the goal to allow release from fear and joy in the ability to move forward in a direct path from any challenge.

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Dedicated to You
Scott’s book, Leap Forward, focuses on how to overcome challenges, face one’s fears, and reinvent one’s self when the going gets tough. It helps inspire individuals to evolve, and grow both professionally and personally.  Get your autographed copy for you or someone else today! 
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Not your average speaker!
If you’re looking to hire an exceptional keynote speaker for your next event, make sure to put Scott Harris on top of your list! Scott will inspire teamwork, improve productivity, and provide insightful solutions to tackle complex problems. He uses real-life examples from his multifaceted life experience to provide his audience with unprecedented learning opportunities. Scott will help individuals rise to face any challenge and perform at their highest level of performance. Hire Scott Harris today to add life to your corporate events and bring the vision of your organization to life.

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