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Facing Leadership Challenges

While some of us are born with a personality that has leadership attributes, it is not always the case with many. Most of us have to go through life and fight our way to the top. Some of us give up while we are facing the fight and settle for a mediocre role in life and just go with it! While those who are resilient enough, keep the fight going, and don’t back down emerge as leaders. We grew up hearing phrases like ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day, but what baffles me is that no one talks about who built Rome? What hurdles did they face making it? How they managed to put such a beautiful city on the map?

Imagine what outstanding leadership went into building such a beautiful city as Rome and how much effort, sweat, and blood went into leading a team to such a feet. It reflects how each leadership has its challenges—if it was not so, then everyone could have been a leader and not just a handful of people. The most significant attributes of a leader are resilience, strength, patience, perseverance and empathy. There is a reason that a leader needs to have these attributes. Without these attributes or characteristics, you cannot survive being a leader because when you are in the position to guide and align a team to achieve a common goal, you must require patience and strength to put up with your team’s shortcomings and consider their perspectives. You will also require resilience and perseverance to power through all the challenges and hurdles you face and have to guide your team and your subordinates out of them. There are always going to be setbacks, and as a leader, you would require emotional, mental, and physical strength to shake off your inhibition and not allow setbacks to hold you back. As a leader, you would have no choice but to move ahead and fight through your own demons and your inhibitions and your fears—you do not get time to sit down and wallow in self-pity and letting the setback consume your ambitions—you have no choice but to fight back.

When you have acquired and earned a leadership role, make sure you maintain your composure, see each challenge as an opportunity to go, and stay headstrong and optimistic. If you lose your head and ambition you let the failure consume your passion and drive, then there is not much hope for you or your team. So shift your gears and fight back!

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